GBPro Eco Powerful Multi-surface Cleaning Paste / Soapstone - 300gm - Biodegradable
GBPro Eco Powerful Multi-surface Cleaning Paste / Soapstone - 300gm - Biodegradable
GBPro Eco Powerful Multi-surface Cleaning Paste / Soapstone - 300gm - Biodegradable

GBPro Eco Powerful Multi-surface Cleaning Paste / Soapstone - 300gm - Biodegradable

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Green Bear
  • BIO NATURAL ORGANIC environmentally friendly All purpose multi surface Cleaning paste + sponge applicator
  • VERSATILE: Used by the trade & Industry for years in Kitchens, Hotels, restaurants, Care homes, Offices, etc... you will be astonished at its capability for cleaning stainless steel, hobs, shower glass, shower trays, pots & pans, worktops and much more around your home.
  • DOMESTIC: Family Friendly Eco cleaning, safe around your home and children, used indoors & outdoors. Water-repellent properties, ideal for cleaning the mirror, shower cubicle, bathtub, bidet, taps, tiles around joints, removes lime and grease effortlessly - also, Kitchens, stainless steel, ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC garden furniture, painted wood, steel, aluminium & UPVC frames and so much more.
  • ALLERGIES: Used for surfaces around people with allergies or sensitive to chemicals.
  • Biodegradable, preservative-free and no added phosphates. No need to use cheap chemical enhanced versions, the original cleaning paste with plant extracts.
  • Aquatic & Sceptic tank friendly
  • TRADE & INDUSTRY: used by Restaurants, Hotels, Care Homes, Schools, Take Away's, Cleaning Companies, etc. Ideal for both Trade & Domestic use. 

This naturally powerful All Purpose Cleaning Paste was originally developed for the trade and industry, being used in restaurant & hospital kitchens and will tackle these and much more, leaving metal, ceramic hobs, glass and many other surfaces spotless and gleaming.

Many believe natural cleaning products are not capable of shifting stubborn marks, grease, calcium found on surfaces and would not be able to put the sparkle back into the surface at the same time, Well it can!

With natural ingredients, using plant extracts and minerals and no phosphates, GBPro® Multi-surface Cleaning paste makes cleaning so easy, cleaning, polishing and protecting from future dirt and bacteria build up its an ideal product for your home or business. Included is a sponge applicator, this product will amaze you with its versatility, without the need for chemicals! The thing to remember is natural was here first, the cheap harmful chemical versions were made to replace but could never do such a good job - this is now one of Green Bear's most popular sellers as people realise how long this tub will last making it far more economical. Cleans silverware, copper, brass, chrome, stainless steel, Garden Furniture, ceramics, grout, windows, barbeques, ovenware, alloy wheels, UPVC windows and much more. Economical & Powerful!

Green Bear's GBPro Cleaning Paste is free from phosphates, which are harmful to fresh water habitats when disposed of.

Made from 100% natural Plant extracts and minerals, also biodegradable.

Suitable for people with sensitive skin & allergies,.

None of Green Bear's products have been tested on animals.


Use the sponge dampened (included) to apply the paste in a circular motion to remove dirt.
Rinse and dry with a microfibre cloth.

GBPro® - Reviewed by the readers of "Green Parent" magazine and voted top marks in its cleaning ability.
The first in Europe to be awarded the EU Ecolabel (known as the Eco Flower).