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Your Phyto

The Next Generation Scientifically Approved Phytochemical-Rich Food Supplement

Designed to provide a convenient, safe and evidence based way of increasing healthy plant phytochemicals - Your Phyto food supplement is the only supplement which harnesses the benefits of whole foods as well as targeted extracts from the same species. Made for a nationally approved clinical study - 'Your-Phyto' has a level of quality assurance unprecedented in the supplement world.

Why Phytochemicals are so important for health

"Phytochemicals" are gifts from nature responsible for the colour, taste, and aroma of healthy foods. Scientific evidence is linking higher intake of phytochemicals with greater memory, mental alertness, motivation, improvements in sports performance and in the longer term, a lower risk of chronic degenerative disease. It is not a surprise then, that academic bodies such as the  World Cancer Research Fund, The British Journal of Sports Medicine, The Arthritis Association and The UK Diabetic association have linked their higher intake with:

  • A reduced risk of cancer, cancer or relapse
  • Cambridge University studies show they help improve gut health
  • Better memory and cognitive function and a lower dementia risk
  • Better power and sports performance
  • Joint health and lower arthritis risk
  • An aid to help reverse type 2 diabetes
  • The WHO report they can help maintain a healthy weight
  • The international Journal “COVID” report they help with long terms symptoms


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YourPhyto Food Supplement
YourPhyto Food Supplement

The Next Generation Scientifically Approved Phytochemical Rich Food Supplement

Your Phyto and Prostate Cancer

Emerging studies are linking poor gut health with greater risk and progression of prostate cancer (PCa). Various dietary and lifestyle factors influence poor gut health - studies have linked a higher intake of phytochemical-rich foods with a lower risk of PCa and progression of prostatic specific antigen (PSA), a protein produced by the prostate gland commonly used as a biomarker for prostate cancer detection and monitoring. Read more about the YourPhyto Scientific Study of men with early prostate cancer managed with surveillance here.

Your Phyto dietary supplement contains only pure plants:

Broccoli: Whole dried florets
Turmeric: Whole dried Turmeric
Turmeric extract: providing extra pure Curcuminoids
Pomegranate: Whole dried skin, pulp and seeds
Pomegranate extract: providing more phytochemical especially Ellagic Acid
Green tea extract:  providing polyphenols including EGCG
Cranberry purified extract: providing polyphenols including quercetin and flavonols
Ginger: Whole organic bio-enhancing root enhancing absorption and bioavailability


Benefits of Phytochemicals

Natural phytochemicals are responsible for the colour, taste and aroma of healthy plants. Over these appealing attributes, robust evidence has revealed several mechanisms of how they protect us from environmental and ingested toxins. Why are they are so important for health, common food sources and tips to boost their intake.

Phytochemicals and Gut Health

It’s really important to look after the trillions of healthy bacteria in our gut. If we take them for granted they will be replaced by pro-inflammatory “bad” bacteria which damage the lining of the gut, lower immunity and allow toxins to leak into our bodies and nutrients to leak out.