Gut Health

Somebody Told Me Ltd are delighted to have been approved as an official UK Distributor of the newly launched supplement 'Your Phyto' - made for a nationally approved clinical study to aid men with prostate cancer.

There is robust evidence that regular intake of plant phytochemicals can help us prevent chronic diseases, cancer and cancer relapse. Phytochemicals support a healthy gut and YourPhyto has been designed to provide a convenient, safe and evidence based way of increasing healthy plant phytochemical from the start of every day.

Benefits of Phytochemicals

Natural phytochemicals are responsible for the colour, taste and aroma of healthy plants. Over these appealing attributes, robust evidence has revealed several mechanisms of how they protect us from environmental and ingested toxins. Why are they are so important for health, common food sources and tips to boost their intake.

Phytochemicals and Gut Health

It’s really important to look after the trillions of healthy bacteria in our gut. If we take them for granted they will be replaced by pro-inflammatory “bad” bacteria which damage the lining of the gut, lower immunity and allow toxins to leak into our bodies and nutrients to leak out.

Phytochemicals and Cancer

The phytochemical compounds found in plants are responsible for their colour, taste, and aroma of many foods. Emerging evidence suggests that they protect us from environmental and ingested carcinogens by arming antioxidant enzymes, enhancing DNA repair pathways, reducing chronic inflammation, and directly affecting the biological processes that underlie the fundamental hallmarks of cancer progression and metastasis.