PODCAST interview How diet can help in the prevention & treatment of cancer

PODCAST interview How diet can help in the prevention & treatment of cancer

Liz Tucker is an award winning BBC presenter and producer. She is interviewing Oncologist and nutritional Scientist Professor Robert Thomas. Together they discuss the latest scientific evidence to support which diet, lifestyle, exercise regimens and supplements help prevent cancer, support people on treatments to have less side effect and better outcomes.


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PODCAST : What Your GP doesn't tell you

The host of the podcast, Liz Tucker is an award winning medical journalist and former BBC producer and director.

Oncologist Professor Robert Thomas, argues along with standard conventional cancer treatments - all of which he uses - that exercise and diet can play a pivotal role in improving cancer outcomes. Robert says for the newer biological therapies which require a patient to have robust immunity, research is revealing that a healthier lifestyle and gut health, can improve the chances of responding well to these biological agents by 30-40%.

He discusses his research using prebiotic supplements which have shown significant benefit in the treatment of cancer patients.. One of which has also been shown to help those with long covid. One of the supplements discussed in the podcast is:

The UK YourPhyto Scientific Study


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