Keep Healthy After Cancer - Book by Prof Robert Thomas
Keep Healthy After Cancer - Book by Prof Robert Thomas

Keep Healthy After Cancer - Book by Prof Robert Thomas

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450 Pages
January 2020
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Lifestyle facts to help you live stronger for longer.

This book aims to empower individuals with reliable information to ensure they can make the right lifestyle choices after cancer.
Updated 2020 Edition - paperback.
Foreword by Paula Radcliffe.



Evidence based, effective information from a leading oncologist and lifestyle scientist which will empower you to make the lifestyle and nutritional choices to improve outcomes and help you keep healthy after cancer. It explains the biochemical pathways which are affected by lifestyle and how in turn these trigger cancer, promote its growth and spread.

The case for developing effective, self-help initiatives has never been stronger - physical activity, nutrition and other lifestyle strategies have major benefits for individuals with/after cancer & their families.

About The Author

Professor Robert Thomas MRCP MD FRCR trained as a cancer doctor at the Royal Marsden Hospital and is now a Consultant Oncologist at the Primrose Oncology Unit, Bedford and Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge University Hospital Trusts, specialising in the treatment of breast, bowel and prostate cancer. He is a Professor of exercise and biological science at the University of Bedfordshire and a regular teacher at Cambridge University.

He is author of the books "How to Live" and "Keep Healthy after Cancer". He is editor of the patient cancer and lifestyle website and advises many of the UK charities on their information materials including the website

Although still embracing mainstream oncology research and treatments, he has now turned his academic attention into finding ways to improve patients’ quality of life, understand their treatment options and ways to integrate lifestyle and natural strategies into routine clinical practice. He is now head of a Lifestyle and Cancer Research Unit which designs and conducts government approved studies evaluating the impact of exercise, diet and natural therapies on cancer, other chronic diseases and more recently recovery from Covid-19. In collaboration with Universities in Southern California, Cambridge and Glasgow, this unit has published over 100 peer reviewed scientific papers. Notable clinical trials include the Pomi-T involving men with prostate cancer and the polybalm study preventing treatment related nail damage

He was editorial member of the NHS cancer plan; the NICE Committee on supportive care; the DoH funded working party on Complementary and Alternative Medicine; was commissioned by McMillan Cancer Support to write the evidence document for lifestyle and cancer for the National survivorship programme.

In 2001 he was voted Hospital Doctor Magazine "Doctor of the Year" and in 2007 The British Oncology Association "Oncologist of the Year".

You can read more about Prof Thomas here