Green Bear Natural Traditional Savon d'alep soap 40% Laurel - Aleppo hand made soap 200gm

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Green Bear

The Oldest and most Natural soap made by our own Master Soap Maker
Ideal for sensitive skin & children - scent free - hypoallergenic and oil content moisturising, nourishes and protects the skin. Used by the entire family for the body, face and hair.
It's Natural pure and vegetable formula is pH neutral, with Olive Oil, 40% Laurel Oil - No Palm Oil - No Parabens - not tested on animals
Ideal for use with skin allergies, psoriasis, Eczema etc. Use for hair and reduce dry skin and scalp problems....
Now produced in Turkey in the same traditional way they have for hundreds of years and we are proud to say our producers are a family that have been making this soaptraditionally for over 400 years so we can assure you the genuine soap....Green Bear® trademark - part of our Amity Range.
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Alep soap also known as Aleppo soap*, named after the town of its birth, is a kind and natural soap, recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Its pure and vegetable formula is pH neutral. It does not contain animal fats or chemicals it helps regenerates skin and with its purifying properties will help sooth sensitive skin.

Mild and soft to your skin, so ideal for children and people with Eczema, Psoriasis, acne, Rosacea, sensitive skin, etc. It's recommended for all skin types and brightens skin complexion. Use it to shower, for a daily care of your face, body and hair also to use for washing collars, underarm marks on clothes and many other uses. This is a great gentle soap for kids, the moisturising properties are ideal for their sensitive skin (advisable top check babies under 1 year are alergic to Laurel oil, we would recommend to use our milder 16% Laurel Oil soap for babies under 1yr). Even great for use on your pets. Eco friendly and long lasting so very economical to use - Classed historically as the mother of all soaps.

Now made across the border in Turkey by our own Master Soap Maker from Aleppo. Traditionally composed of compacted 40% Laurel, 59% Olive Oils, mineral crystal salts ingredients (made with only 100% natural, olive and laurel berry oils, water and lye (lye dissipates during the cure process) - Savon d'Alep (aleppo) features natural, hygienic and non allergic benefits. No Colouring, chemicals, perfumes or preservatives. It is also appreciated for its exceptional softness and virtues for the skin. From ancient tradition to this day, the soap is stirred in copper cauldrons then cut out and stamped by hand before it is left to dry in the sun for 6 - 9 months to reach maturing - Then packaged and sent to you from us at Green Bear UK under our trade mark Amity Range.

** The value of the soap is in the traditional way of producing and ours are produced by the same family that have been making Aleppo soap for over 400 years....... also in its maturity the longer the maturity, the greater the value.