Green Bear Unisex Bamboo socks - Extra Cushioned Sole - 3 x NAVY pack - Luxurious soft & antibacterial

Green Bear

Antibacterial Crew socks Our most popular style yet, with extra comfort support in the double sole
Size: 3-5 / 6-8 / 9-11 / 12-14 - Soft, durable and luxurious with 78% bamboo - most companies will not tell you how much bamboo is in the sock - we do....
Bamboo is non irritant, great for sensitive skin with antifungal properties
OEKO-TEX registered Certified
5 times more assorbant than cotton - with our unique double lip on rear half of the socks ankle band
Keeps your feet dry and odour free


3 per Pack Offer:

Colours: NAVY

A revolution in socks and a chance to pamper your toes comes in these Active High Performance Bamboo Fibre Socks. Our most popular style yet, with extra support on the sole. Made with 80% Bamboo, 5% Elasticine and 15% polyamide for Soft, smooth, good color-fastening, anti-tearing and anti-static properties make this fabric an ideal choice for normal wear and sportswear, these naturally antibacterial and breathable socks provide the ultimate in style and comfort while also helping to prevent foot and shoe Odour problems.

* Naturally antibacterial - fresh feet for longer

* Antifungal & UV protective.

* Very soft - you will not believe it from a sock

* Dry feet - 5 times more absorbent than cotton

* Non-irritant - great for sensitive skin

* Double sole for extra comfort

Bamboo socks - a step towards a healthier environment. Once worn you will never want to wear cotton again.


When washing any of our bamboo products you only need to wash at low temperatures of 30c

Do not use a conditioner when washing as this will reduce the bamboo's natural anti bacterial properties.

Do not use a tumble dryer with other garments as the bamboo product with its super absorbency, will attract the water from the accompanying garments. It is best dried by hand or outside line.