Adapting better lifestyle habits & the benefits of walking

Adapting better lifestyle habits & the benefits of walking

According to one of UKs leading oncologists Prof. Robert Thomas, as a nation, we need to adopt better lifestyle habits particularly exercising more, eating less calories and sugar, drinking less alcohol, looking after our gut health, eating more fruit, vegetables and fibre and less processed meat.

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" [as a ] cancer doctor, these are the reasons why the UK has worse survival rates than other countries and it should not be this way."

The Health Benefits of Walking

Walking, like any form of exercise, is a great way to improve your current wellbeing and future health. We don't need a gym membership, we can walk around the block or we can do it in the local park.

It helps to burn up excess calories, it increases oxygenation to the heart, muscles and brain, helps joint health and ultimately reduces the risk of the biggest killers of mankind, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and by improving the immunity, infection.

The evidence suggests that any amount of walking is beneficial, especially if it avoids sitting. Watch the video below  ►



OPINION article of author - published in NationalWorld 21st Jun 2024