How we met Prof Robert Thomas

How we met Prof Robert Thomas

I first came across Professor Thomas (see our Experts) during one of the covid lockdowns. My father runs a local charity support group ProstAid and the Professor kindly agreed to do a talk to the group via Zoom. The next day, having heard rave reviews from everyone who attended., I watched the talk via the recorded temp link.

WOW. In all honesty it blew my mind. It was one of those life changing moments for me. Sounds dramatic! Probably so, but it's certainly true.

For decades I have been reading, researching and seeking information on healthy eating and best practices for food, diet and health. Food is medicine there is no doubt in my mind - but sorting the fact from fiction has only become harder and harder. Online there are so many do's and dont's, Butter is good - butter is bad, don't eat nuts - eat nuts, carbs are bad .. and on it goes.

Here - finally - without any doubt in my mind was a highly regarded Consultant with absolute knowledge, founded in decades of research programs and clinical practice behind him.  Everything he said just 'made sense' to me. 
So I played the talk back many times to absorb all the information and to make sure I understood the science part as well as the 'what to do's'.

The (don't eat it) icing on the cake - the Professor had written a best selling book :)

Bedtime reading took on a whole new genre with "How to Live".

A health bible for life, the book not only does deep dives into the science & biology, but reassuringly has end of chapter summaries to help readers pick up on the key action points. This is where a highlighter comes in super useful ! When I stray from the path, or forget any of the advice a quick flick back to end of chapters give me reassuring highlighted notes for my personal 'must do's'.

In my earlier life as a Professional Musician, I endured a constant battle with digestive health & general immunity to colds etc due to the life I led. Eating at bad times, eating late, poor sleep patterns, eating the wrong things, and so on. Many of the diets and dietery recommendations never really seemed to work for me.
Fast forward a few decades to 2021 and I lost a fairly significant amount of weight following Michael Moseley's excellent FAST800 plan. Having learnt more about nutrition in the process, I realised I couldn't just keep this particular strategy up for life ( although the 5:2 plan he recommends seems a sensible one, together with other valuable recommendations incl overnight fasting ). There had to be a way of eating that was best for health and, as a result,, weight control too.
Too me IMHO - eating for health is the primary goal, with weight control being a resultant outcome. I've learnt that dieting for weight loss and the number on the bathroom scales is not equal to a healthy body.

In 'How to Live' I found many lifestyle strategies that I now fully incorporate into my life, and it has indeed been life changing for our household. Not only this, but I can still have the red wine. win win :)

Back by popular demand, the charity group were delighted when the Professor visited in person in March 2023 to follow up on his original talk ( see photo! ).

Photo Credit : ©Penny Biggs. Meeting in 2023 with Prostaid charity group. Bob White group leader (left) & Prof Thomas (right)