Making The Decision for Healthier Choices

Making The Decision for Healthier Choices

Making the commitment to eat a healthier diet often comes after a period of really not feeling so great! We decide 'this is it, no more rubbish' but then where do you start. Social media is a wonderful thing but we all know it's riddled with disinformation and faddy diets that just don't do us any good in the long term.

How do we sort the wheat from the chaff ?

By turning to the recommended experts and being guided by the latest science  we can then do our best to make the right decisions for our own health and our bodies.

During a bout of covid where I was pretty poorly tbh, I discovered Dr Rupy's podcast series 'The Doctor's Kitchen' and listened to many of the pods whilst recovering. There are 230 pods and counting!

The Doctor's Kitchen
"a way of teaching everybody how they can cook their way to health and to showcase the beauty of food and medicinal effects of eating and living well"

I personally found the series of Pods incredibly informative and full of invaluable information. There is often a lot to take in but I believe in the "osmosis principle" of retaining information - I may not understand it all and there may be a huge amount of data that passes me by, but if I absorb the guiding principles then I have banked at least some of that knowledge!

Some of the topics he discusses with other professionals include ; Sugar in fruit, nitrates & nitrites in food, are supplements worth it, food for mood, organic food & is it worth it, spices for longevity .. and hundreds more :)

By exploring the information available to us from recognised professionals, we can open our minds to find what 'makes sense' to us in our lives, and for our own bodies. Not everything will suit everybody. A high fibre diet for example, may prove problematic for sensitive digestions but there is a huge amount of help out there, if we actively want to make those healthy step-ups. Making that decision to eat for health is a big step but definitely one worth taking.