Why the name Somebody Told Me

Why the name Somebody Told Me

I am an E-commerce Web Developer and Director of my own company Zigzag Web Design. I build and promote website's that sell my client's products and services and have a strong reputation in the SEO industry for achieving top Organic results. For a long time I have been wanting to run my own website selling products that I am passionate about.

So why the name 'somebody told me' ...

How often do we tell friends, family, loved ones about a great product that we've encountered. We want to share that information and let them experience the feelings we have about it. Sharing is not just a casual like on social media, a flick of the thumb. We talk about what we love and want to exchange that information and even the passion. More than just products, it could also be a pod or an article. Things we feel something about we want to tell others about ...

Did someone tell you about something fabulous? 'Somebody Told Me' about - and here we have it!

Sharing products and information but more than that - It's all about healthy living and making MINDFUL CHOICES TOWARDS A HEALTHIER LIFE.

We are a husband and wife team and we have launched our new Business at the beggining of 2024 to see where it takes us! We are passionate about healthy living and making the best possible lifestyle choices we can, and so we will bring the best products and experts to you that we believe make a difference and have influenced us.